Cisco Tropo


Tropo by Cisco helps you to automate phone calls and text messages and integrate them with your applications. Cisco Tropo makes it simple to automate communications, by connecting your code to the phone network with both voice and messaging. It has a powerful cloud API that can bring real-time communications to your apps. Tropo lets you to record any part of your calls in .wav or .mp3 format.


Creating a connection means establishing a link between Flow Express and an external application. This connection is then used by Flow Express to access your resources in the application.

Note: Once a connection is created, it will always be available in any Cisco Tropo action. You simply need to select the connection. You need not create a new one every time.

To use Cisco Tropo activities, you will require to create an application in your Cisco Tropo account.

Once you have created an application, you will get the Messaging API Key and Voice Messaging API Key for that particular application. These two API keys are used while creating a connection through which Flow Express can access that particular application.