Create New Google Tasks from Existing Trello cards

Flow description

This flow fetches all the cards of a list in your Trello account, and for each card, it creates a separate task in your Google Tasks account. 

Triggers and actions 

You will need to set up the following trigger and actions for creating this flow:

Trigger: Webhook URL 
Action 1: Trello - Fetch All Cards
Action 2: Loop
Action 3: Google Tasks - Create New Tasks (inside Loop) 

What you need:
     - Trello account
     - Google Tasks account

Let’s look at the steps involved in creating this flow.

  • Step 1. Add a flow

    Sign in to your Flow Express account. Then, hover on the ‘+ Add Flow’ card that you see on the dashboard, and select ‘+ Blank Flow’. This will take you to the trigger page, where you need to set up a trigger for your flow.

  • Step 2. Set up trigger

    ince we want to start the flow manually, we will use the ‘Webhook URL’ trigger. Read more about it here.

    Step 2.1. Select trigger app - Webhook URL

    To set the ‘Webhook URL’ trigger, select the ‘Webhook URL’ icon from the list of services/apps visible on the ‘Select a Trigger App’ page. 

    Webhook URL trigger.jpg

    Step 2.2. Configure trigger

    When you click on the ‘Webhook URL’ icon, it will take you to the configuration page. Here, it asks whether you wish to enable webhook authentication (i.e., set User Auth or Authtoken for the webhook). Read more about it here (link to webhook URL docs page).     

    For this example flow, no user auth or authtoken is required. So, we will keep ‘Webhook Authentication’ option disabled. Click ‘Next’. With this step, the ‘Webhook URL’ trigger has been set. Now, it’s time to add actions for your flow. 

  • Step 3. Set up first action

    The first action that you need to add to your flow is ‘Trello - Fetch All Cards’. Let’s look at the steps involved in setting this up. 

    Step 3.1. Select an app

    Once you set up  trigger, the flow will prompt you to add an action. Click the 'ADD ACTION' button to add an action. The next page will display all the apps that you can use in your flow. Find and select Trello from the list.

    Step 3.2. Select an action

    The ‘Select an Action’ page displays the list of all the actions of Trello that you can use in your flow. Select ‘Fetch All Cards’. This action lets you get the list (along with the details) of all cards available in a particular list in your Trello account. 

    Trello_Fetch all cards.jpg

    Step 3.3. Connect to your account

    The ‘Connect’ step requires you to connect Flow to your Trello account. To do this, click the '+ ADD AN ACCOUNT' button and log in to your Trello account in the new window that appears. If you have already added an account, select the required one from the list. 

    Step 3.4. Configure action

    On the ‘Configure’ page, you need to specify the details of the list of which you wish to fetch all cards. 

    Board ID: Click the dropdown icon located on the right-hand side of the field. From the options that appear, select ‘Use data from your Trello account’. This will display the list of all the boards available in your Trello account. Select the one under which the required card is available.

    Trello_Board ID.jpg

    List ID: According to the board that you have selected in the ‘Board ID’ field, this will display all the lists of that board. Select the list of which you wish to get the cards. 

    Trello_List ID.jpg

    Once you have entered these details, click ‘Next’. This will take you to the ‘Flow Settings’ page, where you can add/edit the title, tags, and description of the flow. You can also add an action from here. Since we want the flow to perform more tasks, click the ‘Add Action’ link.

  • Step 4. Collection action

    As soon as you click the ‘Add Action’ link, you will be taken to the ‘Collection’ page, that has a question ‘The output of the previous action contains a collection(s) of items. What do you wish to do next?’

    The output of the ‘Trello - Fetch All Cards’ action returns a collection (also known as an array). This means that the output contains more than one items. There are several things that you can do with a collection. Read more about it in our in-depth guide ‘Working with Collections’.

    Collection action.jpg

    Step 4.1. Select ‘Loop’

    The ‘Trello - Fetch All Cards’ action returns multiple cards of your Trello account. Since we want to create a task in Google Tasks for each of these Trello cards, we will use the ‘Loop’ option. Loop allows you to iterate an action over each item of a collection. 

    Step 4.2. Choose a collection for loop

    After selecting the ‘Loop’ option, the flow will prompt you to choose a collection on which you wish to perform other actions. This step is useful when the previous action return multiple collection. In this case, there is only one collection. So, let’s select the available collection (‘Cards’). 

  • Step 5. Select action for Loop

    You will now notice that a loop box has been created in the flow on the top of the page. You can add as many actions you want inside this loop box. 

    Step 5.1. Select Google Tasks

    From the list of available apps, select ‘Google Tasks’. Notice that the ‘Google Task’ app icon is now added inside the loop box. 

    Google Tasks_Create new task.jpg

    Step 5.2. Select ‘Create New Task’

    The next page displays the list of all the actions (of Google Tasks) that you can use in your flow. Since we want to create a new task for each Trello card, we will use the ‘Create New Task’ action. 

    Step 5.3. Configure ‘Create New Task’ action

    Connect to your Google Tasks account, and on the configuration page of this action, enter data in the fields as per the instructions given below:

    Task List ID: Click the dropdown link, and from the options under ‘Use data from your Google Tasks account’, select the Task list under which you need to create tasks. 

    Title: Since we want the title of the task to be the same as the title of Trello cards, we will use the output of the previous actions as input for this action. Click the dropdown icon and select ‘Fetch All Cards’. Then from the list of options that appear, select ‘Cards Name’. Click ‘Next’.

  • Step 6. Save and run the flow

    Rename the flow and save it. Once you save the flow, it will provide a webhook URL.

    Run Webhook URL.jpg

    Copy this URL into the address bar of any web browser and execute it. This will run the flow, and tasks in Google Tasks will be created for every Trello card available in the specified list.

  • Import from library

    While you can create this flow from scratch by following the above steps, you can also directly import a preconfigured template of this flow from our library: