The Basics

What is Flow Express Flow Express is a powerful tool that lets you automate all your routine tasks by connecting all your favorite web apps at one place. It lets you create integration workflows that enables you to receive notifications, sync files, and transfer data from one app to another. 

What’s more? It’s easy, quick, and you don’t need to write code to create your own automation workflows. Flow Express provides ready-to-use tools that you can quickly connect with your favorite apps to help you get started in seconds.  

Check out the video for more information:

What is a workflow

Automating tasks means creating workflows in Flow Express. Once a workflow is created, Flow Express will keep doing the hard work for you. 

A workflow is a connection between two or more apps. It is like a blueprint of the tasks that you want the workflow to perform. In other words, creating a workflow means giving specific orders to Flow Express:

When some event happens in ‘App A’, do something automatically in ‘App B’. 

A workflow is made up of two elements: trigger and action(s). A trigger is something that kicks off the workflow, and an action is the task that the workflow will perform. In the above example, when something happens in App A (trigger), the workflow will start automatically, and it will perform the specified task in App B (action).

Why do I need Flow Express

Let’s look at a real-world example to understand how Flow Express can help you do more by doing less.

Let’s say you are collaborating with your team on a project. Your team uses Trello (task management app) to manage all the tasks of the project. But the senior manager of the project is in Spain, and wants all the updates in Spanish everyday. As a result, at the end of each day, you have to check for new cards (tasks) on Trello, translate the card content in Spanish, and send the whole list to your boss’ Gmail account. 

Imagine doing this every day. Isn’t that a lot of work?

With Flow Express, this can be automated. You need to set up a workflow with Trello – New Card as trigger, Bing – Translate Text as action, and Send an Email as another action. 


Once such a workflow has been created and saved, Flow Express will constantly keep checking your Trello account for new cards. As soon as you or any other team member adds a new card, the workflow will be triggered. It will automatically translate the card content into Spanish, and send the details in Spanish to your boss’ email address. 

No more hard work. 

Just like this simple workflow helps you save hours of efforts spent on a repetitive task, you can put all your work on auto-pilot mode by creating workflows for all your routine tasks. 

Check out how to create a workflow in Flow Express.