Built.io Flow Express Docs

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Supported Services

Built.io Flow Express supports the most popular services you use every day. Use any of them to create awesome integrations in no time. Browse through the list of services and start building your perfect workflows.

Popular Workflows

Here’s a list of some of the most popular integrations people use with Built.io Flow. Click on any of these to learn how to set up and start using these workflows.

webhook-url google trello

Create New Google Tasks from Existing Trello cards

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clock-trigger weather-underground cisco-spark

Send current temperature of a city to a Cisco Spark space every morning

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cisco-spark notification

Send email notification for important messages received on Cisco Spark

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marketo cisco-spark

Post details to Cisco Spark space for new lead created in Marketo

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salesforce cisco-spark

Send messages to Cisco Spark space for new lead created in your Salesforce account

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pipedrive google-sheet

Create new rows in Google Sheets spreadsheet for deals won in Pipedrive

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